Are you looking for mountains to hike that aren’t quite as tall as the 4,000-footers and have fantastic views? Or have you completed New Hampshire’s 4,000 Footers and are looking for more summits? Then look no further! New Hampshire’s 52 With a View is the list for you!

New Hampshire’s 52 With a View list was created by a group called the Over the Hill Hikers. The list was created to highlight the mountains that were ranging in height from 2,500 to 4,000 feet and didn’t qualify to be on the 4,000-Footer list. Although these mountains may be shorter, they are not all easy to hike. Trust me on that!! Some of 4,000 footers are easier to hike than some the shorter mountains! However, every single one of the mountains on the 52 With a View list will reward you with AMAZING views.

I am completing the 52 With a View list alongside the 4,000-Footer list. Some of the mountains on this list are usually hiked with 4,000-footer mountains, so you will see some overlap with my posts. I am so excited to share my journey to complete this list with you!