The Land of Fire and Ice

Everyone who knows me knows how much I am in love with Iceland. Iceland wasn’t on my radar until I started following photographers on Instagram who documented their adventures in the magical land. Their pictures made Iceland look insanely beautiful, so I knew I had to travel there. I had fallen in love, and I wasn’t even there yet! And let me tell you, Iceland surpassed my expectations.

Alex and I researched Iceland for almost a full year. We wrote down every beautiful place we wanted to see and created a route based on our list. We originally wanted to travel the entire country but decided not to rush our adventure. We wanted to take our time to explore everything in one area before heading to the next, so we decided to explore Western Iceland first!

Our adventure was absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait to go back!! I will be chatting about our Iceland exploration and giving tips and tricks. If you have any questions or recommendations for our next trip, please feel free to comment on any of the blog posts or message me!