The Land of Red Rock

Utah is one of those places you can’t believe exists. Alex and I live in New England, so we have A LOT of green around us at all times. It blew our minds knowing a beautiful place like Utah existed in the same country as us! Red rock, desert sunsets, starry skies… everything is insanely beautiful! And hot lol. We knew Utah would be much warmer than New England, but we didn’t realize how HOT it would be. That’s what we get for visiting the desert in the summer!

Alex and I visited Utah in June 2019 after researching it for a while. We wanted to know everything there is to know about all five national parks. It was awesome that we could visit all five parks in one week because they are all within two hours of each other! And every park had something different to offer. It incredible how different each park was even though they were relatively close to each other. We loved every park in their own way and really enjoyed our time in each!