Trail: Welch-Dickey Loop Trail
Miles: 4.5
Hours: 3 hiking, 3:45 total
Level: Moderate

April 16, 2017

Welch Mt. (2,605’) and Dickey Mt. (2,734’) are usually hiked together since the trail to each is a loop. It is usually hiked clockwise, so Welch Mt. is reached first. The trail to both are on the steeper side, but the hike up to Welch Mt. is a bit easier.

NOTE: This trail may seem easy with the mileage, but it gains 1,700 feet of elevation in 2 miles. There are some very steep sections, but because there are beautiful lookout spots along the trail, it doesn’t seem as difficult!

Alex and I began the Welch-Dickey hike on a beautiful April day at 10:00 AM. It was a bit chilly, but nothing a few layers couldn’t help with! The first mile of the hike was an easy stroll with gradual inclines. I knew that the easy stroll would soon turn into a steady incline.

There wasn’t much snow when we first started hiking, however, after the first mile, we began to see more of it when the real ascent began. Luckily, the snow wasn’t on the trail too much, so our footing was okay! There were a few lookout spots on the way to the summit which made the hike fly by. Suddenly, we were at Welch Mt.’s summit at 11:00 AM! The clouds moved in but were high enough that we had a beautiful view! We stayed at the summit for about 15 minutes before we began our hike to Dickey Mt.

The first part of the trek over to Dickey Mt. was a decline. This portion of the trail was covered with snow which made for tricky footing. We ended up butt-sliding whenever we could to make our lives a little easier lol. After our butts were wet with snow, we began the ascent to Dickey Mt. It was pretty steep here, but nothing we couldn’t handle! The snow made the climb slippery, but we made it over to Dickey’s summit by 11:45 AM.

The views on Dickey’s summit were fantastic! We enjoyed our lunch while taking in the beautiful views of The Whites. We met some wonderful dogs on the summit along with their humans (lol) and actually started our descent with them after spending a half-hour on the summit.

View from Dickey Mt

View from Dickey Mt

The descent for us was tricky… I’m not sure what happened, but we couldn’t seem to find the trail at one point. We veered off with our group because the signage wasn’t the best, but luckily another group of hikers helped us! This portion of the trail was ALL snow. We were butt-sliding again which is quite fun! The rest of the descent was uneventful but felt easier than the ascent. It may have felt easier and quicker since we were chatting with our group of hikers. We love hearing everyone’s stories!

The descent took us a bit longer than our ascent because 1. we got lost and 2. there was a lot of snow to maneuver through. We arrived at the car by 1:45 PM and felt great! We were, however, a bit bummed because we heard this trail is absolutely beautiful in the spring with wildflowers. We missed the bloom by a few weeks, but that’s okay! It was our first butt-sliding through snow experience, so it was fun!