Trail: Hale Brook Trail
Miles: 4.4
Hours: 2:00 hiking; 2:30 total
Level: Easy

August 25, 2019

Mt. Hale (4,055’) is one of the shortest 4,000 footers and is considered one of the easiest 4,000-footer hikes! This is a perfect beginner 4,000 footer even though there is no view at the summit.

NOTE: This is a short and sweet hike. The trail gains 2,200 feet of elevation which is evenly distributed throughout the entire hike. There are not many flat sections, so be prepared to consistently climb up to the summit!

Alex and I needed to do a short and quick hike, so we chose Mt. Hale! We began our hike on a beautiful Saturday at 8:00 AM. It was a humid morning, but it was also chilly which was a great combination. As soon as we began on Hale Brook Trail, we began climbing! We knew this would be a consistent climb, so we were mentally prepared. 

The trail was pretty uneventful with a couple of small stream crossings, so it went by VERY quick. It was a relentless climb, but knowing it was only a short distance to the summit helped! The trail was filled with roots and rocks but none were loose. Our footing was steady through the entire ascent, so I would say this would be a great hike to accomplish on a rainy day. 

Before we knew it, we arrived at the summit at 9:00 AM! We aren’t ones to rush a hike and tend to take our time because we aren’t hiking for time, so we were shocked when we arrived at the summit so quickly! The summit was wooded with a clearing and rock cairn in the middle, so it was easy to tell when we made it. 

We had the summit to ourselves which was so peaceful! The trail was overall very quiet because most people won’t hike to a summit with no views unless they are working on the 4,000-footer list, so we loved it!! There were times we would stop hiking just to listen and heard… NOTHING. It was amazing!

If we were feeling adventurous, we could have hiked over to Zealand Mt. which is 5.6 miles from Mt. Hale’s summit, hike down another 5.6 to Zealand Road and walk a short distance back to the car, but we were all set lol!

We enjoyed a quick snack at the summit before we began our hike down at 9:30 AM. We FLEW down this trail because the descent was SO much easier than the ascent. The entire descent was a blur lol! Before we knew it, we arrived at the car at 10:30 AM!! We have never hiked a mountain so quick, but it was exactly what we needed: quick and short.

I would highly recommend this hike as a beginner 4,000-footer hike. Even though it has no views, it is a great introduction to the wonderful 48 4,000-footer journey!